Will return the hard-earned money of people by confiscating assets of chit fund companies like Pearl and Crown : Bhagwant Mann

People of Dhuri will make Bhagwant Mann victorious: Karamjit Anmol

Dhuri (Sangrur) : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab Chief Ministerial candidate and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann campaigned in the villages of his constituency Dhuri. During the election campaign, Bhagwant Mann claimed that with the formation of Aam Aadmi Party government, mafia rule in Punjab would be eradicated and people’s money would be refunded from chit fund companies (Pearl and Crown).Bhagwant Mann addressed the people during the election campaign in Dhuri on Saturday and along with his friend and artist Karamjit Anmol sang the famous song of folk poet Sant Ram Udasi ‘Chadda Rahi Ve Surja Kamiyan De Vehre’ and appealed to the people to bring a new light in Punjab by electing AAP government on March 10th.

Addressing the gathering, Mann said, “New Sun will rise in Punjab on March 10th, which will illuminate every house. Corruption and mafia will end. This sun will bring new opportunities for youth. It will spread happiness in every corner of Punjab.”Bhagwant Mann told the people of Dhuri that this area was to become the hub of Punjab government. Therefore, February 20th is an opportunity to write a new destiny. The tradition political parties and leaders, who were given chance to serve Punjab again and again, amassed wealth for their upcoming generations, but the common people became poor. Mann said that today young people are dying due to drugs and unemployment; we have to save these youngsters and Punjab. We’ll give them better education and employment opportunities to uplift their lives.Mann promised the people that strict legal action would be taken against the chit fund companies which were looting hard-earned money of people.

The assets of companies like Pearl and Crown will be confiscated and every penny of the common people will be refunded. He said that due to incompetent governments the common people gets entangled with the chit fund companies to double their money and then these companies run away with the money. Mann agreed that he would double the money of the common people. He said that by providing facilities like good education and treatment, cheap electricity, free water, monthly allowances for women and children, money would be saved in every household and people’s money would be doubled and tripled.Prominent actor and singer Karamjit Anmol appealed to the people to cast their votes for Bhagwant Mann. Karamjit Anmol said that he and Mann have won a lot of trophies in college competitions, and this time the people of Dhuri will give the winning trophy to Bhagwant Mann.



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