Punjab Police Launch Saanjh-DILASA; ODR Platform Annexed to Police Station

Moga : Punjab Police, in collaboration with its Community Affairs Division (CAD), has launched a first-of-its-kind initiative, Saanjh-DILASA, to promote peace in society.

Aligning with the vision of the Punjab Government’s recent scheme Khushaal Punjab, this initiative has been rolled out under the kind guidance of Sh. Gaurav Yadav, DGP, Punjab. DILASA, which is an acronym for Dispute Intervention & Legal Awareness through Social Alliance, will encourage complainants to resolve their complaints through mutual understanding.The pilot project of the initiative has been launched in the Moga district.

The initiative will strengthen and broaden the scope of the Punjab Police’s Community Policing Programme, Saanjh. Under this initiative, services, including outreaching, counselling, dispute resolution, and legal awareness, will be provided to the citizens.services in Amid the growing popularity of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platforms & Saanjh-DILASA will provide the complainants with an endto-end ODR Platform annexed to police stations for their justice needs.

This ODR Platform has been designed & developed by a homegrown company, Jupitice, headquartered in Chandigarh. The platform has been exclusively customised for Saanjh-DILASA.Under this initiative, if the case filed by the complainant has an element of settlement, Punjab Police can suggest complainants refer their dispute to the end-to-end ODR platform annexed to their police station for it.

To file their case or gather more information on Saanjh-DILASA, citizens of Moga can call the toll-free helpline, 1800-309-8666, or visit www.saanjh.jupitice.com. Additionally, the beneficiaries can also visit/call their nearest police station in Moga to learn more about the initiative or get connected to the Saanjh-DILASA representatives.

Aligning with the concept of Community Mediation, suggested in Clause 44 of the Mediation Bill, 2021, Saanjh-DILASA provides mediation, with prior mutual consent of parties, for resolving disputes which are likely to affect peace amongst the residents or families of any area or locality.

While hailing the initiative, Smt Gurpreet Kaur Deo, IPS, DGP-Community Affairs Division (CAD), Punjab Police said, “Saanjh-DILASA is a value addition to Punjab Police’s Saanjh initiative, which will provide a smart way and conducive environment for resolving disputes and differences among individuals and organisations. We, at the Community Affairs Division, Punjab,
have always been committed to finding solutions for resolving disputes which affect peace, harmony, and tranquillity in society. We would like to thank Jupitice for introducing the concept of ODR and partnering with us to figure out ways on how the police can play a crucial role in the mitigation of disputes.”

From matrimonial cases to labour disputes, Saanjh-DILASA is designed and developed to address a wide range of disputes that people may face in their daily lives. From understanding disputes to helping parties reach a mutual settlement, Saanjh-DILASA will guide the disputing parties throughout their dispute resolution journey on the ODR Platform. Furthermore, the settlement made on Saanjh-DILASA can be court-enforceable via Punjab State Legal Services Authority.

Applauding the initiative, SSP Moga, Sh. Gulneet Singh Khurana, IPS, said, “With Saanjh-DILASA, Punjab Police has taken a revolutionary step to strengthen the police-public partnership by empowering the citizens with the help of the police. Since Moga will be the first district to introduce SaanjhDILASA, the Moga Police will ensure to provide all the citizens with the necessary awareness. Moga Police would also like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Jupitice for introducing such an advanced technology that will revolutionise the role of police in serving the public”.

Speaking on the launch of Saanjh-DILASA, Sh. Raman Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Jupitice Justice Technologies, said, “The Government of Punjab has taken a reformative initiative in collaboration with Punjab Police to expand access to justice through participatory justice system. This initiative would be instrumental in developing and promoting the community justice system and further using technology to deliver justice to the doorstep of individuals. Furthermore, the initiative would also enhance access to justice for the women and other marginalised communities”.
About Saanjh-DILASA
Saanjh-DILASA is a joint initiative by Punjab Police Saanjh and Jupitice to promote peace in society. DILASA is an acronym for Dispute Intervention & Legal Awareness through Social Alliance. The initiative is a reformative step towards encouraging complainants to amicably resolve disputes outside of courts. The presence of the option to settle disputes is crucial for cases to be referred to the end-to-end ODR platform annexed to the police stations upon the consent of the parties involved. The disputing parties will have to pay only Rs 100/- each to file their case with Saanjh-DILASA.

Services Offered at Saanjh-DILASA
● Outreaching & Counselling Services Dispute Resolution Services
● Legal Awareness Services
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