‘Not maintaining sanctity of post’, AAP slams Punjab Governor for interfering in state government’s affairs

Governor acting at the behest of the BJP, must be shifted from Punjab at once, demands Malvinder Singh Kang

Chandigarh : Hitting out at Punjab governor for interfering into day-to-day functioning of the state government, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday said that Punjab governor is not maintaining the sanctity of his post and subsequently demanded that he should be shifted from the state immediately.

Addressing a press conference here at party’s headquarter, state chief spokesperson Malvinder Singh Kang said that it is condemnable and very unfortunate that Punjab governor is acting at the behest of the BJP and trying to sabotage the development of the Punjab by interfering in working of the AAP government.

Advising governor to be mindful of his limits and not to cross it, Kang said that he was appointed by BJP government but AAP is an elected government by the people of Punjab for their welfare, therefore, he should not attempt to hinder the development works rather cooperate with them to transform the state.

He said that it is extremely unfortunate that governor sought details about educational trip of principals to Singapore and his recent comments on drugs, which indicates that he is acting on the tunes of centre government to defame the ruling AAP government.

Kang said that the Governor houses in States with non-BJP governments have become places for hatching conspiracies and Punjab Governor is acting like an Opposition.He reminded the governor that under the Article 157, Chief Minister and Governor, both are accountable for Constitution of India and Governor will act on the aide and advice of Council of ministers.

Giving reference of a recent Supreme Court’s directions, Kang said that the constitution doesn’t aim at providing a parallel administration. The basic philosophy is that in a democracy, the elected ministers must accept responsibility for every executive act and that the Council of Ministers alone represents a responsible form of government in the states.

He said that even the father of constitution, Dr BR Ambedkar said, “The drafting committee felt as everybody in the House knows, that the Governor is not to have any kind of functions- to use a familiar phraseology, no functions which he is required to discharge either in his discretion or in his individual judgment… According to the Principles of the Constitution, he is required to follow the advice of his ministry in all matters.

“Training guns at BJP, the AAP spokesperson said that the governor has leaked the letter to media rather than forwarding it to CM office first because he is acting on BJP’s instructions and they wanted to divert attention of people from the extraordinary working of the AAP government, which has been working diligently to make the state as ‘Rangla Punjab’ again.

Governor responsible for cane-charge on peacefully protesting AAP workers in Chandigarh.

Addressing the press conference on this occasion, party spokesperson Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia condemned the governor and the BJP government for the lathi charge and water cannon on the AAP leaders by the administration during the protest against the Modi-Adani duo by AAP on Sunday.

He said that more than 22 AAP leaders including were injured in this demonstration. Youth leaders Parminder Singh Goldy and Raj Kaur Gill were present in the press conference and showed their fractured arms and injuries sustained during the lathi charge by Chandigarh police.

He said that the AAP protested against Modi-Adani across the country and they want to ask the BJP government why so much benefit is being given to one person. Sometimes Narendra Modi travels in Adani aircraft and sometimes Adani visits abroad with PM Modi.

How Gautam Adani’s wealth increased from 37,000 crore to 13 lakh crore in just 8 years while the rest of the country’s economy is struggling and unemployment is at its peak.



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