M-Gram seva pilot project increases accountability and transparency in public finance management : Bram Shanker Jimpa

Planning to replicate in other divisions of state

Chandigarh : Under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, Punjab Govt is planning to launch M-Gram seva app across the state and it will be used for all villages. The impact of M-Gram seva pilot project in Anandpur Sahib has been truly transformative, improving the lives of citizens and making a positive difference in the community.

Divulging the details, water supply and sanitation minister Bram Shanker Jimpa said that M-Gram seva mobile app has launched in December 2021 to digitize revenue and expenditure details at the Gram Panchayat level, empowering frontline leaders and increasing accountability and transparency in the management of funds for water supply-related services.

The pilot project covered 73 Gram Panchayat Water Supply Committee (GPWSCs) schemes and 85 villages in Sri Anandpur Sahib Division. This app is available on Android and iOS platforms, features multiple language options, easy digital bookkeeping, online and cash payment options, SMS alerts, and a system for rating the quality of water services.

He added that the implementation of the M-Gram seva app has led to several improvements in the revenue collection and monitoring system. Before the app’s implementation, only 20 out of 73 GPWSCs were maintaining their records manually, but now all records are maintained digitally on the app.

Consumers are now able to make payments online through various options, and all reports, including those on bill generation and payment, are sent via SMS and made available on WhatsApp.Jimpa said that App’s dashboard providing snapshots of collections and expenditures are now available to Sarpanches and other Gram Panchayat officials and the app’s consumer rating system has led to timely identification and improvement of water service delivery problems.

In addition to the improvements in revenue collection and monitoring, the M-Gram seva app has also had a positive impact on the environment by reducing the need for paper. By maintaining all accounts digitally, the app has eliminated the need for physical records, saving paper and reducing the carbon footprint of the GPWSCs, Jimpa added.

The app’s simplicity and ease of use have also saved time and made it more convenient for Sarpanches and other officials to manage the GPWSCs. The ability to share information about the performance of the GPWSCs with citizens has helped to build trust and confidence in the services being provided.

The M-Gram seva app has been well-received by the community, with many consumers taking advantage of the online payment options and rating the quality of water services in their villages. The introduction of the mobile wallet option in the future will further increase the convenience of making payments.

Water supply and sanitation Principal Secretary DK Tiwari and HoD Mohammad Ishfaq said that the M-Gram seva pilot project has had a significant impact on public finance management in Sri Anandpur Sahib division, bringing increased accountability and transparency to the process.

The mobile app has improved the efficiency of fund management, leading to better services for the community. The app’s digital bookkeeping and payment options have saved time and resources, and its consumer rating system has helped to identify and resolve issues with water service delivery. The success of M-Gram seva app has the potential to be replicated in other divisions across the state, bringing its benefits to a wider audience.


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