Aero India 2023 gives India new identity in the world : Rajnath Singh

Bengaluru : Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Monday stated that Aero India Show 2023 has given a strength to the Indian defence sector and a new identity to the country in the world.

He was addressing the gathering at Yelahanka Airbase in Bengaluru at the inaugural programme of Aero India Show 2023. “In the last few years, our defence sector has travelled a long journey.

The sector has achieved many successes. These successes have become pillars of the Indian defence sector. Aero India is one of those pillars. Step by step it has strengthened India’s defence sector,” Rajnath Singh said.

“Under PM Modi’s leadership, the country is achieving glory in all sectors. The country has made a mark in the political and economic spheres of the world and emerged as a strong player,” he said.

“Aero India show exhibits the aerospace sectors’ prowess. This show has two important characteristics. One is height and another is speed. These two characteristics also symbolize the PM’s working personality,” he stated.

“He symbolizes the height of integrity and commitment for India. The speed could be seen in decision making and delivery of results. In the world India is emerging as a shining star and it is also taking many countries along, the Defence Minister stated.

“Behind all this, if at all there is any force, it is the ability of commitment of PM Modi’s dedication towards the welfare of people,” he said. Rajnath Singh further stated that Karnataka is a land known for science, research and valor.

This land has made a mark in industrialisation and it is one of the major states contributing to the progress of the country. “I had welcomed PM Modi in three important functions last week.

First was in Tumakuru, second was in Lucknow and third time here in Bengaluru. All three programmes are related to industrial and economic growth. Among these, two are held in Karnataka.
By this we can see continuing economic and industrial growth in the state and the country. These programmes also reflect PM Modi’s strong commitment,” he said.

“Aero India in Bengaluru is an expression of India’s, especially Karnataka’s, industrial and economic growth. 700 exhibitors from India and abroad are exhibiting their finest products and best technology at the show.

This also reflects the business potential and recognition by global and domestic business companies,” he said. Rajnath Singh also lauded the efforts of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s efforts in hosting the mega Aero Show 2023 in Bengaluru.


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