India’s striving towards green growth, energy transition reflects values : Narendra Modi

Bengaluru : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India’s striving towards green growth and energy transition reflects its values. “Circular economy is part of life in the country. Reuse, recycle are our etiquettes,” he said.

He was addressing the international delegation after inaugurating the India Energy Week at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Center (BIEC). “Bengaluru reverberates with technology, talent and innovation energy.

Like me, you can also experience the youthfulness of the city. India is one among the strong voices in vouching for innovation of new energy sources and energy transition,” he said.
“In spite of the pandemic, war in 2022 India has been a global bright spot. When external circumstances were handled, all challenges were faced with internal resilience.

Multiple factors helped India aided by a stable and decisive government. Secondly, sustained resources and thirdly socio and economic development at the grassroots level helped,” he underlined.

“Crores of poor people have been lifted from poverty to the middle class. The quality of life has changed in India. The country will have the biggest aspirational class which wants better products, better services and better infrastructure,” PM Modi stated.

PM Modi said that the International Energy Association has predicted that by this decade, India’s energy demands will be the highest in the world. “For all investors, stakeholders in the energy sector, India is a new opportunity,” he added.

The Prime Minister also explained that the efforts are being made to realize the vision of one nation-one grid in connection with the energy sector.



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