Covid appropriate behaviour, healthy diet, exercise- multiple lines of defence against Covid : Dr Arun Sharma

Lists containment measures; appeals people to contact for Medicare on helpline Nos

Jammu : Covid appropriate behaviour, exercise, healthy and hygienic diet are multiple lines of defence against Covid-19 infection, said Medical Superintendent, Mother and Childcare Hospital Gandhi Nagar, Dr Arun Sharma.Elaborating further, he said ‘Covid Appropriate Behaviour’ is not limited to wearing face mask in public and frequent hand-wash, it also includes proper sanitisation of objects one comes in contact and proper social distancing while in public space. This is equally important to break the chain of transmission, said he. The Medical Superintendent said that all the objects and articles that a person comes in contact need to be appropriately sanitised to ensure Covid-19 virus doesn’t reach any household. It is being widely suggested that the people prefer online transactions instead of exchanging currency, he added.Dr Sharma further briefed that first line of defence against Covid-19 is intake of nutritious diet which must include all essential nutrients, namely carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. He suggested that people should take fiber rich food, brown bread, oats, cereals and sprouts as part of healthy diet. ‘One must also drink one litre water per 20 kg body weight, that is to say 3 litres of water for a healthy 60 kg person’, he advised. Physical exercise for half an hour daily or walking 15 thousand steps must be done to maintain a healthy body with good immune system, advised Dr Arun Sharma.Calling for staying alert against the signs of infection, he said Common symptoms of coronavirus infection include mild fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing. “More acute symptoms can also appear in severe cases.

It is advised that one should immediately consult a doctor or call Covid-19 helpline numbers in case the symptoms persist,” he maintained. ‘If breath rate reaches around 30 or fever persists for three to four days, one must immediately seek medical help’, cautioned Dr Sharma.Meanwhile, he suggested that all Covid-related queries and doubts can be cleared on the helpline number 0191 2571616. Public can also call Divisional Control Room at 0191-2520982, 2549676, 2674444, 2674115, 2674908.On calling these numbers, medical team would come to take sample of the sick person and his/ her family as well. The government is also providing pulse oximeter to such households free of cost so that they may regularly check their vitals. Covid patients whose oxygen saturation levels fall between 94 and 90, and those whose levels are above 94 are advised to isolate themselves within their homes. Immediate hospitalisation is required for patients with oxygen saturation levels below 90. The medical team would also provide a free Covid-kit, which contains medicines and essential supplements for the treatment and care of infected familyElaborating on government facilities, Dr Arun Sharma informed that for those individuals who lack space or unable to manage home isolation for themselves, isolation facilities are being created at Yatri Bhawan, Bhagwati Nagar and Youth Hostel, Nagrota.Dr Arun Sharma informed that two Triage facilities- Chest Disease & TB Hospital and MCH Gandhi Nagar, have been set up by the government to facilitate people from all corners of Jammu region and sufficient number of beds, oxygen and other facilities are in place to treat one and all.The J&K Government has also started a live phone-in health programme on Gulistan channel which is to be aired twice daily- from 8:30 am to 9 am and 8:30 pm to 9 pm. Eminent doctors are taking public phone calls during the show and replying to their queries. Anybody from the public can call on the above-mentioned Divisional Control Room phone numbers and seek information related to Covid treatment, home isolation and other non-Covid health problem.





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