Udhampur Forest Division celebrates International Day of Forests

Udhampur : Udhampur Forest Division celebrated International Day of Forests with great enthusiasm and fervour at DFO Complex Udhampur. On the occasion, DDC Chairman, Lal Chand and President Municipal Council, Dr Yogeshwar Gupta recognised the outstanding contributions of Gram Panchayat Latti-A Sarpanch, Kasturi Lal and Educational Institution Sarswati Vidhya Mandir School Mand towards afforestation and promoting environmental awareness.

Gram Panchayat Latti-A was honoured with an award of Rs 20 thousand and Sarswati Vidhya Mandir School Mand was awarded Rs 10 thousand. The awards were given as recognition of their significant contributions to preserving and promoting the importance of forests and their ecological significance.

DDC Chairman, Lal Chand and Municipal Council President, Dr Yogeshwar Gupta emphasised the importance of preserving forests for human survival and called upon everyone to play their part in promoting sustainable forest management practices.

DFO Udhampur, Rushal Garg highlighted the diverse forest types of Udhampur. ‘The district is home to 42 different forest types- highest in the country- including alpine, moist temperate, dry temperate, sub-tropical etc.

This diverse range provides a unique habitat for various flora and fauna and is an important source of livelihood for many communities in the region’, he said.