Will take action against YouTube channels in future also when needed : Anurag Thakur

New Delhi : A day after Ministry of Information and Broadcasting blocked 16 YouTube news channels for spreading misinformation related to the national security, Union Minister Anurag Thakur said on Tuesday said that the Centre will continue to take strict action in future also if need be. Thakur said that the Centre supports freedom of expression but no one has the right to divide the country, spread misinformation and fake news. “No one has the right to spread rumours and fake news which become a challenge to the security and integrity of the nation. Strict actions were taken as per the rules and once again, Government of India has taken action against 16 YouTube channels by blocking them. This is the fifth such action,” Thakur said. It is a clear message to those outside and inside the country that strict action will continue in future also.

“No compromise with the security of India and efforts will continue in future to stop misinformation against the country,” he said. On Monday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting shared that it has blocked 16 YouTube channels six from Pakistan and one India based for spreading misinformation related to the national security, foreign relations and public order. The ministry also blocked one facebook account.”YouTube channels based in Pakistan were found to have been used in a coordinated manner to post fake news about India on various subjects such as the Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and India’s foreign relations in the light of the situation in Ukraine, etc, it had said.


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