Selfless service to Humanity is the Prime Religion : Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Mumbai: “Saints constantly generate feelings for the well being of the entire mankind and their each and every action directs towards it.”observed Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj while rendering the Message to Mankind and heralding the commencement of the three day, 55th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam of Maharashtra. This information was given by Smt. Raj kumari Member Incharge , Press and Publicity Department , Sant Nirankari Mandal.This virtual programme was webcast on the Mission’s website and telecasted on Sadhna TV channel from Sant Nirankari Bhawan, Mahul Road, Chembur, Mumbai; lakhs of Nirankari devotees from Maharashtra, Tricity as well as country and abroad and across the globe witnessed this Samagam and are enjoying the bliss by sitting at their respective homes. Satguru Mata Ji guided all to acquire the virtues such as love, benevolence, tolerance, compassion; so that this world becomes a heavenly place to live in.Her Holiness emphasised that we should begin from self improvisation first then, our homes, family, locality, city, country and finally the whole world will get illuminated by our noble qualities and deeds.

In Her Holy discourse on the first day of the congregation, Satguru Mata Ji blessed the Nirankari fraternity with a pious thought that devotion is not possible unless there is utmost faith in the Supreme Being.Instead of believing in things that are transient, we should rest our faith on the Almighty which is eternal, infinite and stable.Her Holiness further elaborated that, in the Divine Journey we need to treadwith devotion and faith andthus, the sense of gratitude gets strengthened once we connect ourselves with the Supreme Almighty. A prayer fortifies our devotion and helps us to remain immune to the ups and downs of life.Satguru Mata Ji cautioned us against engaging in such activities by which our work gets appreciated and commended for a short period of time but, in the long run canharmothers leading to mistrust in us. Our efforts should not only rest our faith but, should strengthen others faith too.To comprehend faith in Almighty Satguru Mata Ji quoted an example of a child having full faith in the culinary skills of his mother; invites his friends to partake the food without tasting and is relished by all.

Likewise, when we are totally surrendered and devoted to God, a firm belief is established in the mind and His endless goodness adorns our lives.Explaining the need to surrender ourselves to the Formless Almighty, Satguru Mata Jiquoted an example that, when a Guru was given a gift by his disciple which the Guru threw in the river which in turn hurt the sentiments of the disciple. The Guru explained that if you have given me something, you should leave it to me whether I keep it or throw it. We need to surrender unconditionally to the will of God and this is possible only when we realign ourselves with the Supreme Almighty.Although this Congregation has been organised virtually, the format was beautifully designed to allow devotees to express their feelings in the form of blissful thoughts, devotional songs, poems, and hymns through different genres and in varied languages and be a source of inspiration to the entire fraternity while showcasing the real essence of Unity in Diversity and bringing to fore the underlying concept of Universal brotherhood.During the Sant Samagam,aSouvenir – an annual magazine titled Vishwas, Bhakti and Anand was released by Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj which contains spiritual articles and scripts shared by experienced Saints in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali languages.



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