Kriti Sanon reveals Varun Dhawan’s most annoying habit

Mumbai : Actress Kriti Sanon reveals that her ‘Bhediya’ co-star Varun Dhawan’s telephone conversation is annoying as he does not say ‘hello’ or ‘bye’ in the beginning or at the end of the talk.In IMDB’s segment titled Ask Each Other Anything, Varun and Kriti opened up about their fondness for each other and how the two have evolved as actors and friends since ‘Dilwale’, their first movie together.

Talking about his annoying habit, Kriti said: “Something that annoys me a little bit, when you talk on the phone there is no hi, hello, nothing. ‘Haan!’ – It’s firstly that. Secondly, always when you keep the phone down there’s a subtle distraction.”

“Either someone has called you or you have to do something else. You don’t say bye, only ‘Okay I’ll just call you back haan.’ And the call never comes! It’s a very detached conversation at the beginning and the end.

Like, sometimes, you won’t say bye and you’ll just vanish.”When Varun asked about Kriti’s first impression of him, she said: “You were a little bit of a flirt. Genuinely, I felt like you were very, very obviously high energy.

Very talkative. Sweet, but flirty.”Varun revealed his favourite thing about Kriti: “Since I started liking you as a person, you have a lot of qualities but I think one of the best qualities about you is that you have a very clean heart when it comes to people.”

“There’s no manipulation in you. There are no double face nature type things you do with anyone for that matter, whether you like the person or dislike the person.”He also explained the challenges he faced during the shoot of the transformation scenes.”

What was supposed to be over two days, we shot it in one go. Definitely, it has to be one of the most physically draining things I’ve ever done. I was just running through a wall, my head was going through it. I broke that wall at least 12 times and they made it very hard and I banged into it and fell down.”

Kriti also spoke about how the pair have evolved since their first movie together. “I feel like, through Dilwale, we were not really friends in the beginning. We became closer friends towards the end of the shoot.

And then promotions, I think we bonded a lot more. It rarely happens but I’m working with you after six years and we’ve still remained close friends and actually gone stronger. It doesn’t happen very often.”




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