Ayurveda will also be included in the MBBS course in Haryana : Anil Vij

In the degree of MBBS, the student will study allopathic for 4 years, while he will study Ayurveda for one year - Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home, Health and AYUSH Minister Sh. Anil Vij said that Ayurveda would also be included in the MBBS course in Haryana. Under the MBBS degree, the student will study allopathic for 4 years, while he will study Ayurveda for one year, for this a team has been formed which will prepare the course. He said that the country whose people are strong, their nation is strong.

AYUSH Minister Sh. Anil Vij was addressing the gathering as the chief guest in the state level program under the 75th Surya Namaskar Abhiyan at Ambala Cantonment today.
Given status to Ayush department by making it a separate department- Vij

The AYUSH Minister also said that a lot of work is being carried out by the Haryana government in this direction. We are attracting people towards yoga. Yesterday in the cabinet meeting, the AYUSH department was given the status of a separate department so that this department can also come forward on the lines of other departments.

He said that Yog Aayog has been formed in Haryana to take Yoga forward. He said that yogashalas should be built in 6500 villages of Haryana state, in view of this 1000 yogashalas have been built, work is going on for others.

Yogshalas are also being set up in the cities wherever there is a possible place. There are also gymnasiums in Ambala Cantonment, Indira Park, Subhash Park, Babyal, Lalkurti. Expressing happiness, He said that 700 to 800 people exercise daily in the gymnasium opposite Subhash Park and there are queues to do yoga.

He said that “like allopathic medicines, now Ayurvedic medicines will also be reimbursed, I signed the file yesterday”.
AYUSH University established to promote alternative medicine- Vij
The AYUSH minister also said that AYUSH University has been set up to promote alternative medicine. There are five wings of AYUSH, which include Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy and work is being done on these five wings.

Ayush University has been opened in Kurukshetra and 100 acres of land has been taken where the building will be constructed. People from far away come here and take education in Haryana, he said.
National Institute of Ayurveda is being built in Panchkula at a cost of Rs 270 crores – Vij
He informed that National Institute of Ayurveda is being set up in Panchkula at a cost of about Rs 270 crores and it will be ready by the month of December. A 250-bed hospital will also be built here and 500 doctors will emerge from here.

He said that Unani College has been set up in Nuh, Homeopathic College in Ambala Cantonment and Naturopathy Hospital is being built in Devarkhana. He also said that there are 569 AYUSH health wellness centers, 4 Ayurvedic hospitals, 6 AYUSH primary health hospitals, 19 Unani hospitals, 26 homeopathic, 21 AYUSH wings and every district hospital in Haryana has AYUSH wing.

Ayurvedic medicines should also be used along with allopathic medicines – Vij
He said that every year the budget of AYUSH increases and work is done to promote AYUSH. Sh. Vij said that Ayurvedic medicines should also be tried on the lines of other medicines in the country. Ayurvedic medicines should also be used along with allopathic medicines. He said that our aim is to use the medicine which can cure the patient better.

There should be integration in allopathic and Ayurvedic – Vij
The AYUSH minister also said that there should be integration between allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, the tussle between them should end because we have to provide better treatment to the concerned patient.

He also said that our elders already knew that our ancient Ayurveda method like turmeric, fennel, and cinnamon has medicinal properties, by using these we used to avoid getting sick, that is, our race has survived till today.

He also said that the way a doctor tests before prescribing allopathic medicine, similarly Ayurvedic medicines should also be tested, it should be tested scientifically, that means Ayurveda should be promoted. So, We want to promote Ayurveda, he said.

Ayurveda our ancient Study/Science- Vij
He said that Ayurveda is our ancient Study/Science; we have to take full advantage of it. AYUSH and Health Minister Anil Vij said that we want Ayurveda to be included in MBBS studies, work will be done for this so that we can take full advantage of Ayurveda education.

Sun is the source of power – Vij
He said that the sun is the source of power, whatever power or energy is on this whole earth, the source is the Sun. The sun runs us by becoming the life light inside us, the energy and power that gives to the trees and plants is the sun itself, that is, all the sources of energy on this earth like diesel, petrol, coal or others, the source of energy is the sun.

And now electricity is being generated directly by installing solar panels. He said that in this budget, the Haryana government has laid emphasis on green energy, that is, pollution-free energy, that is, make this earth again as it was before. Sun has a big role in that, he added.

Surya Namaskar was made by combining many yoga asanas – Vij
In relation to Surya Namaskar, the AYUSH Minister said that Surya Namaskar’s antithesis is that I bow down to you Sun, it is a compound process. Surya Namaskar has been made by adding many yoga asanas, in which there are 12-13 asanas.

Continuous work is being done by the government to promote yoga. Yoga is a means of connecting the mind, intellect and body, and if these three are connected, then the union of the soul with the divine takes place.

The direct meaning of yoga is to join – Vij
Establishing a dialogue with the people, he said that we are sitting in the stadium, our mind is here, our attention is somewhere, we are divided and scattered, so 100 percent energy cannot be transmitted in such a situation.

Whatever we have to do, we have to do it 100 percent, whatever work we do in life, we do it 100 percent. Sh. Vij said that Yoga simply means to connect; Yoga teaches us how to unite the mind, intellect and body in one thread.

The person who wears it, not only can perform excellent yoga here, but whatever stage of life he stands on, he will be 100% successful. Emphasizing on the action of yoga, Sh. Vij said that if we become its seeker and practice it, then no one can stop us from rising in life.

The Ayush Minister also said that Yoga has a scientific meaning as well. You must have seen how agile a small child is, the circulation of blood in his veins goes on unopposed, but as a man grows up, his eating habits, lifestyle, posture, medicines, wrong eating habits, obstructions start to arise in his body due to intoxication etc.

Blood cannot flow completely in the blood vessels that are the root of all diseases. He said that all the yogasanas i.e. there are 84 asanas and each yoga asana has its own goal that by putting pressure on the body part, the flow of blood is to be corrected from there.

When a man’s body becomes free from obstruction, then by doing yoga, his body again becomes like the agile body of a child.
Under the 75 lakh Surya Namaskar campaign, people are being made aware of yoga – Vij
On this occasion, the AYUSH Minister appreciated the work being done by the Haryana Yoga Aayog to make people aware of yoga under the 75 lakh Surya Namaskar campaign. He said that during the 75th Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, they will go 10 times more than the target of 75 lakh Surya Namaskar set by the Aayog.

This program was started on 11th January on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary and Swami Vivekananda has said that get up and wake up and keep working until your goal is achieved.

Ever since the Yoga Aayog was formed in Haryana, it is setting new records in Haryana. It has won many awards; its name is registered in the Guinness Book also, he said.

Expressing special gratitude to the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, the AYUSH Minister also said that Yoga has been included in the sports. Yoga was also included in the sports competitions held under Khelo India.

On this occasion, the Ayush Minister also encouraged the institutions, ITBP, students, NCC, NSS and others who successfully organized the program under the Surya Namaskar campaign program by giving letters of appreciation.

On behalf of the district administration, the chief guest was felicitated by presenting memento and shawl. Cultural programmes, Malkham and Yoga were also presented in the programme. Thousands of participants in the state level program presented Surya Namaskar 13 times.

On this occasion, Dr. Jaideep Arya, Chairman, Haryana Yoga Aayog, gave detailed information about the outline of the 75 lakh Surya Namaskar programme. Director of Ayush Department and Commissioner of Karnal Division Dr. Saket Kumar, IG ITBP Panchkula Ishwar Singh Duhan, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Priyanka Soni, Dr. Sushil Sharma also made aware about the importance of yoga and motivated them to include it in their daily routine.

On this occasion, Director of Ayush Department and Commissioner of Karnal Division Dr. Saket Kumar, Chairman of Haryana Yoga Aayog Dr. Jaideep Arya, ITBP Panchkula IG Ishwar Singh Duhan, ADGP Ambala Range Shrikant Jadhav, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Priyanka Soni, President of Yoga Federation Rajindra Vij, Dr. Sushil Sharma, SDM Satindra Siwach, SDM Darshan Kumar, District Ayurvedic Officer Shashikant Sharma, Vice President of Yoga Commission Dr. Roshan Lal, Mandal Pradhan Rajeev Dimple, Mandal Pradhan Kiran Pal Chauhan, BS Bindra, Surendra Tiwari, Ravi Sehgal, Dr. Naresh Saini, Registrar of Yoga Aayog Dr. Harish Chand, Member of Yoga Aayog Dr. Manish Kukreja, Dr. Madan Manav, Dr. Pawan Gupta, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Jaipal Shastri, Naresh Poonia, Sister Sumeshta, Pankaj Bakshi as well as representatives of various organizations and dignitaries were present.


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