Picked up the flute a few months back : Adah Sharma

Mumbai : Actress Adah Sharma says she is learning to play the flute.”I picked up the flute a few months back when lockdown was relaxed and shooting started again. I love playing the piano but the flute I can carry in my bag, (and play) in the van between shoots,” she said.Adah had mentioned about her interest in the flute last year, too. In an Instagram video she posted in October 2020, Adah had captured a tune played by a flute player. She was trying to use her social media presence to help the musician who was struggling to make a living on empty streets during lockdown, she had said back then, and she encouraged her followers to contact people like him, purchase flutes from him and learn the art from “Basuriwaale bhaiya”.She had also said in her post back then that her fans would be “inflicted with me playing the flute in videos soon”.It seems now that Adah is finally honing her skills as a flautist.



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