Horror flick ‘Prey for the Devil’ to release on Feb 24 on Lionsgate Play

New Delhi : Actors Jacqueline Byers and Christian Navarro’s upcoming horror movie ‘Prey for the Devil’ is set to release on February 24, exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

The quality of the narrative is enhanced by the stellar onscreen performances from a talented cast comprising Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph and Ben Cross.

The much-anticipated thriller is set to release in India exclusively on Lionsgate Play on February 24. Sharing his thoughts about the film, director Daniel Stamm said: “Ann is on a journey that comes with an intriguing backstory.

I wanted to really ground the movie in her point of view… It’s a non-stop thriller and psychological drama. What really hooked me about the character was that she loved her mother so much.
“Ann needed her to be possessed and not abusive, she had to put her mom’s disturbing behaviour on demonic possession, which I thought was a beautiful thing for the character.

If Ann learns at St. Michael’s that demons don’t exist, that would be even worse for her than having to face one.” Christian Navarro, playing an important role in the movie, added: “I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a few projects with strong female leads.

‘Prey for the Devil’ was the first time I had seen this genre accessed this way, with a woman as the lead, as an exorcist taking the helm of the ship. I was very attracted to that. I have three younger sisters and I am always interested in telling those kinds of stories.”


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