Being versatile adds value : Manushi Chhillar

New Delhi : Estee Lauder India introduces rising Bollywood star and former Miss World, Manushi Chhillar, as the new face of Advanced Night Repair, the brands number 1 serum.

Debuting this month, Manushis campaign will be featured in digital and social platforms across India and is her first partnership with a beauty brand.Manushi Chhillar while speaking with IANSlilfe.

Do you having such versatile looks enables you to get brand endorsements, and works in your favour in life general?
Manushi: Thank you for the lovely compliment, I will say primarily as an actor I can fit myself in different roles and have different looks because that’s the part of job I do, being versatile adds value to that.

Second thing, today as we talk about inclusivity and appreciating a different kind of people having different look, different opinion about things specially when we talk about beauty and today we talk about how people perceive beauty differently and it’s okay to have different opinions.

It feels great if people see me as who can fit into different boxes, I know brands are also looking for that and what is relevant in society is relevant in marketing if that works in my field.

Do you feel pandemic came in the way of your launch and put your Bollywood debut on a hold for a bit?
Manushi: It did delay the whole launch so the pandemic did effect my debut but it actually didn’t come in my way, the debut still happened, the film is out and we have moved on so all is well that ends well.

So tell us about your experience and your biggest takeaway from Akshay Kumar?
Manushi: My first experience is very special, so it was first time I was on a film set, a lot of learning came from that film. The fact is that we shot for such a long time and I got to shoot with such senior actors and working with Yash Raj and shooting with Dr. Sahab who are all accomplished in their own ways, I think for me as a newcomer that was very big learning experience and it was also a safety net you know like you have lot of experienced people surrounded by you whole time. I feel from Akshay Sir, two takeaways will be his professionalism and discipline, these two things are very important when you go out to work.

What you are looking forward to in 2022?
Manushi: More than Half of 2022 is gone, so all the looking forward part is done; for the rest I am looking forward to more work, getting better, taking better care of myself and hopefully getting to spend more time with family .

Your association with Estee Lauder and how you feel you compliment the brand?
Manushi: I think it’s a beautiful association and its my first association with beauty brand and but at the same time the fact is that I have believe in Estee Lauder for a very long time, I have used their brands before and to work with the brand you belive in is kind of just make sip more authentic and organic for you as a public figure, the fact apart from that I have been using their product, the story of the brand you know is found by Mrs Estee Lauder who was a female entrepreneur back in the day and they have been supporting and emerging female leaders. I think all of them make me feel this is a similar believe system and to work with a brand which has similar beliefs makes a lot of sense to me.

What is your skincare regime for morning and evening specially after shoots?
Manushi: I think I have a very simple skincare regime, very basic as in the morning it starts with cleansing using a good serum, a moisturizer and sunscreen and in evening it’s like removing my makeup, cleanse my skin use the serum again and moisturizer.


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