Anshuman Malhotra opens about his character in new season of ‘Feels Like Home’

Mumbai : Actor Anshuman Malhotra has talked about the evolution of his character Sameer. He said that this season, he will play someone who is much more confident, capable and determined.

‘Feels like home’ season 2 takes an interesting and relatable turn to explore the complexities of growing up as these four boys traverse from adulthood to manhood.

In this new season, we will see the boys fighting for their home and learning how to sustain their friendships when things go wrong.Talking about how his character has evolved in season 2, Anshuman said: “My character, Sameer, has grown and matured immensely from Season 1 to Season 2.
Sameer in the first season was relatively indecisive, afraid and lacked self-assurance.”

“This season you will see a new Sameer – someone who is much more confident, capable and determined. The beauty of his growth is that it is relatable; we all have been a Sameer sometime in our life and eventually overcome our fears and achieve the best of our potential.

I hope Sameer encourages everyone to reach that next step in life”The actor further said: “Sameer is a lot calmer and composed, as compared to his friends. Even if he is affected by something, he is not as expressive as the others, who are much more comfortable showing their emotions.

Sameer instead tries to deal with it himself.”Directed by Sahir Raza and written by Sidhanta Mathur, the show stars Prit Kamani, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, and Anshuman Malhotra, along with Himika Bose and Inayat Sood.’Feels Like Home’ Season 2 is set to release on Lionsgate Play on October 7



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