Workshop on road safety awareness and drug abuse prevention organised by CGC Landran

Landran : CGC Landran organised a day long workshop for students with the twin objectives of creating awareness about traffic rules for road safety to avoid accidents and prevention of drug abuse and rehabilitation through de-addiction.

The road safety awareness session was conducted the Chandigarh Traffic Police team comprising SI Bhupinder Singh, ASI Rajinder Singh, Head Constable Jagroop Singh and Senior Constable Rajiv Sharma. The highly interactive and engaging session saw them enlighten the audience about road safety measures and safe driving.

Through presentations and videos, the participants were educated about the importance of wearing helmets which included identifying a good helmet through its ISI mark as also affixing reflective tapes on them to aid their visibility to other motor vehicles at night.

They were also demonstrated the protection offered by wearing seatbelts for both, the front and rear passengers, in a four wheeler. In addition to this the students and faculty members were made aware of lane driving, the concept of being a good Samaritan for victims of road accidents, meaning of various markings on roads and highways, avoiding drunk driving, avoiding unnecessary honking, avoiding hurriedness and careless on road which is the major cause of most road accidents.

Summarizing other important traffic rules and regulations the team held a quiz for students post which the winners were felicitated with special trophies by the Chandigarh Traffic Police team. The energy infused session ended with the audience taking a pledge to follow traffic rules for their own safety and that of other road users.

Mr Simranjeet Singh, MD, Drug Counselling and Rehabilitation, Mohali conducted the session on drug abuse prevention wherein he encouraged young students to remain vigilant and stay away from drugs. He also spoke about drug de-addiction treatments and therapy which can help people addicted to drugs overcome the habit and lead a better life.

Highlighting the example of two young adults, who had kicked off their addition with the help of de-addiction therapy and rehabilitation and were now leading healthy lives, he urged the audience to shun drugs.

He emphasised that individuals undergoing de-addiction treatment must not be treated as outcasts and should be provided emotional support and assistance by both their families which will strengthen their resolve to overcome addition.

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks and felicitation of the honourable speakers who had helped in the successful conduct of the awareness sessions.



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